Linux/aow Linux critique: bad programs
The sample cases are examples how not to do it within Linux/aow. These cases provide material for designing the system properly. Naturally these are flames for bad work provided by other people - the intention is that you make better work instead of just building "new stuff" - you should also check pout how things work, and what's the most important: how users find information fast and are able to do things just snapping fingers.

Loser class programmers tend to hide information for to make things harder for end users, because for loser class programmers that's the only way to be "guru" for end user's point of view.

Guru class programmer does not have any motivation to show her/his skills, so he is able to concentrate for usability and documentation.

The following examples describe loser class programmers work.

bash-2.05$ xsetpointer usage : xsetpointer (-l | <device name>) bash-2.05$ xsetpointer -l "Mouse0" [XPointer] "Keyboard0" [XKeyboard] bash-2.05$ xsetpointer XPointer Extended device XPointer not found bash-2.05$ xsetpointer Mouse0 Extended device Mouse0 not found
The man page continues the same bold line.

fc6 mplayer with nasd
Try to find RPM mplayer binary for fc6. Use google?

Try to find RPM for mplayer build with --with-nas

try to run artsd over sshd
Try to use google, eh?

Try to use google to find how to test artsd?
Your search - "how to test artsd" - did not match any documents.

fc6 testing raport
Soon to be released.

Generally: fc6 is BETA class distribution. It's usable but absolutely not a product.

case: totem player
cd /usr/bin; mv totem totem.orig; ln -s mplayer totem
Up to this day, I (arl) have not found a single movie which is playable with totem.

ubuntu (6.10 Edgy) testing raport
Soon to be released.

Generally: ubuntu is ALPHA/pre-ALPHA class distribution. It's usable only when you do not have any other possibility. Contains a junk of crippled software - programs which are pre-ALPHA.

case: "red blinking" window identifiers
Things like: never understood the meaning of "red blinking" window identifiers...
I (arl) must be really stuuuupid or something.

case: Linux for Human Beings!
"Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings!" means propably for blinds etc. ;-)
Normal human being naturally tests all the programs using pull down menus to find out which program fixes your socks and which plays mp3s. Why not just name those programs as "a", "b", "c", etc? it's just as meaninful as "JuK" or "Kaboodle", if you have never heard of those... notice: this is really the idea of having names like "Windows Media Player" - it is clearly not a program for drawing funny pictures.

"I started GIMP, tried a while, nothing happened, so I closed it"

It is really funny how they have managed to hide the basic operations (the _only_ operations) I need (for images); crop and rotate.

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